About Us

Amir in the workshop

Educated in Alexandria, Egypt, Amir began working with farm equipment at the young age of eight. His father owned a U.S. based company franchise that sold and maintained farm equipment. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Sciences, Amir returned to the family business as the owner and manager. When turmoil against Christians in Egypt escalated in 1988, Amir, his wife, and infant daughter left their homeland and moved to the United States to seek refuge.

After living through religious extremism, and subsequent intolerance towards Christians, he is thankful to be living in America and regards each day of peace as a gift. To Amir, the U.S. is a place of religious freedom where he can express his beliefs without fear.

Amir’s art is faith-based, and his work of nails honors Jesus’ sacrifice to give us everlasting life.  As an artist, he is able to celebrate his religious freedom and testimony through art.  Integrating farm equipment parts such as bolts, washers and nails into the sculpture framework allows a personal expression of the artist’s heritage and pilgrimage to the United States.